Most men don't like doing the laundry and you know what, most of the time it’s not even necessary

Did you know clothes suffer a lot from washing them? The color will fade, they will be less soft, and they will lose their fit over time. But, most importantly; washing = waste of water.

Want to keep them flawless and have a positive contribution to our planet? Wash them as rarely as possible by following our care hacks above.

...or bring to your mom. She will no doubt handle them with love and dedication.


Here are some simple life hacks:

  • Dab don't rub

    That's the easiest way to remove stains. Treat the stain with lukewarm water and dab it with a clean cloth or a towel.

  • Looking to refresh your garment?

    Just put it on a hanger in the bathroom while you're in the shower and you're done.

  • Iron inside-out

    Turn your clothing inside-out before ironing or using the washing machine. Oh, and only wash with matching colors.


  • 30 degrees

    Do not wash your friends above 30 degrees

  • Don't tumble dry

    Please do not tumble dry your clothes. There's a chance of shrinking and it will effect the feel and quality. On top of that, it costs a lot of energy

  • Don't bleach

    A big no-go is bleaching your items. How bad the stain is just don't do it. It will fade the color of your clothes, it will lose its feel and it's harmful for nature.