At studio subtl, we’re on a quest to set a new standard for sustainability and social responsibility within the fashion industry - valuing transparency, craftsmanship, people, and planet.

Climate Positive+

We are the first climate positive+ menswear brand. Because why stop at climate-neutral?

We systematically count our emissions each step of the way, and make up for them by compensating 150% of all emitted CO2. That way, we ensure that we have a net positive effect on our planet.


  • 94% less greenhouse gasses
  • 88% less water used
  • 62% less energy used

*compared to conventional cotton


Although our clothing is made to last, there comes a time it will be worn out. Luckily every piece is made from 100% organic cotton, even the labels. Perfectly ready to create something new.

Once your piece is worn out or damaged it would be an honour to receive it back. Depending on the condition we will turn it into new fabric or we will use it to create unique pieces for our capsule collection, made in a local workshop by people with a distance to the labour market. And you will get a €15 discount on your next order.